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Kennedy is making my life difficult

So, it’s been a week since I have had sex or jerked off. I am taking a break from women, and I am taking a break from rubbing one out. Why? Just to see if I can. I am on a crazy self-discipline kick right now. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s probably a stupid idea, especially considering that I run porn sites like this one, which makes it extremely difficult not to think about pussy. Not to mention, I have had no less than three women call me up wanting to fuck this week. It blows, but I’m determined to hold out at least a little while longer. Kennedy is not making my life any easier. I hadn’t looked through ALSSCAN much lately, and decided to see what was new. As usual, they did not let me down. They have several sets of Kennedy, and they are all fucking amazing!


This is from a brand new set, so I don’t have a full gallery of this particular set, but there are several galleries of her in the members area. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I sure as hell did. Seeing this petite little teen all curled up with her asshole ready to get fucked almost made me spew my load. I think I now have blue balls. Thanks a lot Kennedy!!!


Bare Jordan

I must say, ALSSCAN has no shortage of hard-bodied blondes. I believe nothing else quite describes this picture like the words “Hubba Hubba”. Jordan looks like one of those girls you’d see bikini clad on a poster promoting budweiser. Only, shes a little too skinny to be on one of those posters, which is absolutely fine with me!

Hard Body skinny blond Jordan

From head to toe this woman is drop dead gorgeous.  Definitely another top notch model from alsscan. There truly is something unique about a platinum blonde with brown eyes, wouldn’t you agree? She also has a set of perfect, perky little tits and wait till you get a look at the close ups of this girls pussy and ass! She looks so tight I almost came just looking at them! Overall a very nice looking girl and a great addition to our collection of skinny girls.


It’s hot, wet skinny blonde day!

If you like blondes than today is your lucky day! We’ve got a double dose of two gorgeous stick thin blondes all lubed up and ready to go. At least I think that’s lube ;) Alsscan certainly has no shortage of skinny teen girls and here’s more proof of it.


Man oh man is this girl hot! Check out those long slender legs on this teen. Amazing! How’d you like to have those babies wrapped around you? I think they should have lubed her up a bit more. Nothing wrong with making that skinny body of hers shine!


Girls, girls, girls! It’s like a fucking Motley Crew video up in here with all these hot blonde beach babes. All kidding aside, these two blonde teens have some killer bodies. Both tall, both skinny and one of them almost even has some tits lol. Nah, just kidding. Tiny tits are just what we like, right? Skinny girls with huge tits just don’t look right, although I’m sure there are a few that do. And as always, alsscan has the baldest pussy in the land so there is no confusion on just how tight that teen pussy is. Enjoy the pics!


Skinny porn star Melissa Ashley

It’s hard not to talk about Melissa Ashley in a blog that’s all about skinny teens. Melissa Ashley is one of the hottest, skinniest porn stars in the biz and you can definitely see why in these pics.

Melissa (known as just Ashley on alsscan) has one of the most beautiful super skinny bodies around. With tits so small you can’t even call them tiny tits, more like mosquito bites :) But they are still nice and I certainly wouldn’t mind shooting my load on em’ lol. This skinny little slut is no angel either. She’s done a lot of porn with some mega porn stars like Max Hardcore where she get’s used and abused. With that tiny body of hers you can definitely see how a guy like Max could turn her into a nice little fucktoy. If you’re a fan of skinny girls than chances are you know who she is already, but if this is your first time running across pics of Melissa Ashley than you’re in for a treat today cause she is definitely one of the hottest skinny teens around.


Skinny teen pussy

Now that’s what I call skinny teen pussy right there! And a nice tight asshole to go with it. Wouldn’t you love to stick your cock in this tight little pussy! I bet it’s as nice as it looks.

Meet Faith! Faith is most definitely one of the skinniest whores in porn and you can see a lot of her at alsscan as well as a bunch of other really skinny teens, including some nice pics of Melissa Ashley who is by far one of the best skinny teen girls in porn. Faith is a total freak. She loves to spread her pussy and ass wide for us so we can dream of what it would be like get a taste of that tight teen pussy of hers.

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