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Lay the Kat Striptease Video

I haven’t posted a video in a while, and it’s obvious why, since I can’t get the damn sound on this thing to work. You’re not really missing much, though. It was some bad rock band playing in the background. If they were playing some fucking Tool or something, then I would feel like I let you all down. You’ll just have to make do with no sound and a super hot Lay the Kat video of her doing a stripteaste. I love this girl’s body. Fucking beautiful! There is something so hot about a girl with absolutely no tits teasing you with a bra. Just show me those hard little nipples you have, already!

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Skinny kitty Kat shows off her sweet pussy

Am I the only one annoyed by the fact that when you’re looking for skinny pussy on a search engine you come across loads and loads of pages on the band “Skinny Puppy”. First of all, who the hell are these guys and second of all, who fucking cares? Show me the pussy!

skinny lay the kat

Well, fortunately Lay the Kat has no problems showing us the pussy. This beautiful young teen has everything a guy like me needs. A tight young pussy, long skinny legs and hips, tiny little tits and the need to get freaky as shown here. Lay is interested in all sorts of kinky little activities like bondage. This young hottie is definitely a must see for any fan of skinny, young teens. Am I the only one that had dirty thoughts come to mind after seeing that pearl necklace? :)


Kat wants your Cum

Tiny little Kat gets horny and wants to show off a bit. This skinny little teen gives us a taste of what it would be like to get inside that sweet little pussy of hers. Click on the pics below to check out these hot videos!

What a sweet little piece of ass! This video brings to mind all sorts of dirty things I’d like to do to this kinky little slut. You can really see what a nice petite, skinny little thing she is here and she gives us a very nice show. A perfect little teen to stuff your cock into! I especially love how she get’s up on her heels and spreads those skinny little legs of hers while she fingers her tight little pussy!


Here pussy, pussy!

Lay the Kat sure is an interesting name for a site. I guess the name skinny pussy would have been a little straight forward, but it certainly would have gotten my attention!

Her site touts her as an sweet, innocent girl by day and wild slut by night. Regardless of how innocent or slutty she can be, she is definitely worthy of being called a skinny teen. This girl has one of the skinniest bodies you’ll find on the net. Complete with protruding ribs and hips, tiny tits and two little twigs for legs. One can only imagine how tight that little pussy is on her. Lay the Kat is one skinny teen who definitely doesn’t disappoint.

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