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Skinny girls in nude teen art

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything from Met-Art, which is kind of a shame, because it is most definitely one of the best, if not THE best nude art sites on the web. Personally, I would say it’s a tossup between Met and Hegre, but if you look at the review sites, they seem to like Met-Art a little better. I guess I’m a bit biased in the fact that I’m a little obsessed with Caro, but that’s not to say that Met doesn’t have some amazing skinny girls as well. Just take Diana F here, for instance.

met art skinny

I wouldn’t say she is a rail thin like some of the girls I’ve posted on here, but she is definitely slim and she has a unique body type that I find highly attractive. She doesn’t quite fall in to the flat chested category, but she’s definitely packin’ some cute little A-cups, and if you’ve read any of my other posts, you know I’m a suck for pale skinned brunettes. If I had a type, this girl would be it!


Skinny in the Valley

Why is it that every time I go off into the middle of nowhere there aren’t any hot, skinny, super-model types posing nude for me there?

Fortunately for all of us, there was a photographer there to capture this beautiful skinny teen in action. Alena is one of the rarest treasures the web has to offer, and as far I know she is featured exclusively on MET-Art. This long-legged beauty has the type of body that most women would kill for. Slender and tall, she has all the makings of a runway model. Fortunately MET-Art found her for us and she is definitely a welcome addition to skinny teen collectors everywhere. There are a lot more pics of a Alena to go around and we’ll definitely be posting more of her, as well as some of the other skinny models from MET-Art so keep a look out.

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