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Kennedy is making my life difficult

So, it’s been a week since I have had sex or jerked off. I am taking a break from women, and I am taking a break from rubbing one out. Why? Just to see if I can. I am on a crazy self-discipline kick right now. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s probably a stupid idea, especially considering that I run porn sites like this one, which makes it extremely difficult not to think about pussy. Not to mention, I have had no less than three women call me up wanting to fuck this week. It blows, but I’m determined to hold out at least a little while longer. Kennedy is not making my life any easier. I hadn’t looked through ALSSCAN much lately, and decided to see what was new. As usual, they did not let me down. They have several sets of Kennedy, and they are all fucking amazing!


This is from a brand new set, so I don’t have a full gallery of this particular set, but there are several galleries of her in the members area. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. I sure as hell did. Seeing this petite little teen all curled up with her asshole ready to get fucked almost made me spew my load. I think I now have blue balls. Thanks a lot Kennedy!!!

17 Hot Responses to “Kennedy is making my life difficult”

  1. 1
    andygibson7 Says:

    If she lost a few lbs she’s be perfect. Nice small tits. Would love to see her on her knees in front of the toilet throwing up a meal.

  2. 2
    hohawk69 Says:

    Kennedy lives and works in Portland, OR as a private model at Hunnies lingerie shop (aka jack shack). I’ve gotten several lap dances from her and can say she’s stunning in person and knows how to make you feel good.

  3. 3
    Nate Dogg Says:

    Man, you’re right! This set is all about her anus, which I’m jerking hard to as we speak!

  4. 4
    Rocky Says:

    “Kennedy is not making my life any easier.” I can understand that! What is bugging me about both Nubiles and ALS is that they list her stats as being 5’4″ and 32AA-25-32. I can almost believe the 32″ bust but it’s probably more like 30″ if that much. But her waist couldn’t 25″. One of my ex’s was her height and another 5’6″ and both of them very similar build and the same hip measurements as Kennedy. The one Kennedy’s height had a 22″ waist and the other was 20 1/2″ I am sure Kennedy is no larger than 22 and probably smaller. Lokk at this pic and decide for yourselves.

  5. 6
    rocron Says:

    Where are you ??? No news ??? I want more skinny teen !! please !

  6. 7
    Chris Says:

    you sooooooooooo hot

  7. 8
    rocron Says:

    More more more more !!!!!!!

  8. 9
    rocron Says:

  9. 10
    mario Says:

    hi skinnyteens!
    what’s your email addy, i would like to ask you about a banner :-)

  10. 11
    Becks Says:

    If you like Kennedy, you should also like this one:

  11. 12
    Becks Says:

    Ah… and I forgot. I ve been stalking this site for really long time now! Very good job man! THANKS for the site!!! Keep it running!

  12. 13
    Rocky Says:

    You gotta know Kennedy is really tiny but seeing her next to him even though he’s a big guy his dick is huge it shows how incredibly small she is. God, her arm is no bigger than his dick, and her legs are about the same size as his arms.

  13. 14 Says:

    Thanks becks, that vid is one of the sexiest I’ve ever seen

  14. 15
    Vasya Says:

    If you see Kennedy again, you should tell her to contact me.

    models AT

  15. 16 Says:

    Do you vids with skinny girls, Vasya? Consider me a subscriber!

  16. 17
    Kenneth Says:

    Someone skinny prabobly.They’ve been around for ages. My mother used to wear them when she was young. Except she called them Pipleg’ jeans and I’m pretty sure they were set alot higher than they are now.Everything eventually comes back into fashion.

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