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Lay the Kat Striptease Video

I haven’t posted a video in a while, and it’s obvious why, since I can’t get the damn sound on this thing to work. You’re not really missing much, though. It was some bad rock band playing in the background. If they were playing some fucking Tool or something, then I would feel like I let you all down. You’ll just have to make do with no sound and a super hot Lay the Kat video of her doing a stripteaste. I love this girl’s body. Fucking beautiful! There is something so hot about a girl with absolutely no tits teasing you with a bra. Just show me those hard little nipples you have, already!

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  1. 1 Says:

    Yeah, Kat is fine. Would love to see her do some throw-up vids – would pay decent money for them. Anyone seen any around?

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    Clarence Says:

    Skinny girls got some good some good pussy.

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