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It’s hard to find hardcore porn with skinny chicks in it, so I don’t post it a lot. But I do get requests on occasion, so I thought I would post a couple DVD’s up here. This first one I found a while back while cruising a forum looking for skinny bitches, and I just thought Courtney Simpson was hot as fuck, and she’s really thin in this one. Maybe not as thin as some of you guys like, but god damn, she is gorgeous.


These next few DVD’s come from the infamous Max Hardcore. Fair warning, this guy is now in a federal prison for obscenity. His DVD’s include some pretty intense shit; everywhere from anal, pissing, vomiting, to girls sucking his cum out of their own ass with a straw. LOL! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Nevertheless, Max is a definite skinny fan. He has literally fucked some of the skinniest whores in porn, including: Melissa Ashley, Lil Cinderella, Layla Rivera (When she was really skinny), and many more. This one has both Melissa Ashley AND lil Cinderella in it. It’s a virtual skinny whore fest! If you guys know of more hardcore porn titles with skinny chicks in them, feel free to share. I’ll be happy to post them up for you.


Now THAT is a tummy tuck!

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy I’ve got cock in my tummy. Wow. I have to say that I absolute love reader comments. Every once in a while one of my reader turns me on to a set of pics I’ve never seen before and I am blown away. One of my most recent comments led me to this gallery and I just had to post it for you guys.


I recently dated a girl who was 5′ 2″ tall and a RIPPED 95 lbs, and she had an amazing body. She had a really nice six pack and I was really amazed by how flat her stomach was, but I have to say that this girl’s tummy is just crazy! I love it! I usually don’t feature non nude pics, but the angle on this shot is just so fucking hot, that I had to. Don’t worry, the rest of the gallery has nude pics and plenty of tight teen pussy. With a stomach like that you could probably watch your dick while it’s inside of her. Well, at least some of us can :P


Pretty in Pink

Been a while since I’ve updated, so I thought I’d just throw up a quick gallery for you guys. My last post I asked who your favorite skinny girl was, and you guys didn’t disappoint. You even showed me some new girls that I didn’t know about, including this stunner of a teen named Lily, from W4B. She is almost completely naked except for a pair of pink stockings which look sexy as fuck! Don’t take my word for it. You be the judge.


I’m hoping to have some more time to post this week. I’ve just been super busy lately. Even us bloggers have to get out and get some pussy too :) Later this week I’m gonna try to post where to get some skinny porn DVD’s at, for those of you that like hardcore action, so check back soon. Enjoy Lily :)


Who is your favorite skinny girl?

There are probably hundreds of girls in erotic art and porn that could qualify as part of the skinny niche, but in my mind there are definitely a few that are a cut above the rest. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it again. I am absolutely in love with Caro. She is most definitely my favorite skinny girl and you can see why in pics like this. She is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately it seems that she hasn’t done any sets lately (in Hegre, or otherwise) but if you know of any recent Caro sets, please let me know. Regardless, Hegre is still shooting amazing looking skinny girls on a daily basis. I just happen to think this girl is the cat’s pajamas, the bees knees.

So, my question to all of you skinny fans is this….

Who are your favorite skinny girls? It doesn’t have to be in porn. It could be mainstream too. I just want to know who you think are the hottest of them all. I’m not going to do an official poll or anything, but I will post the top 5, so let me know who you want to see.


Skinny girls on legs

I know I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again. I’m a total sucker for a long skinny legs, so when I come across free galleries of girls this hot and leggy as hell, I just about fall over myself (that’s code for masturbate lol). I rubbed one out good to this girl too. And why not? She is fucking fantastic! Now, I’m sure some of you will probably hold her to an impossible standard and say that she’s not skinny enough or some will say she is too thin, but in the humble opinion of this author, this girl has a perfect body.

I know some of you pervs are too busy looking at her naked body, small boobs and tight pussy of hers to even notice this, but this chick has some truly gorgeous eyes. I know it’s hard to ignore that beautiful slim body of hers for even a second, but just try for a moment and look into those sexy, innocent eyes and you can see what a sweet young girl she really is. Okay, now you may finish jerking off to her pics.

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