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Ride that skirt up those skinny legs

A while back I did a post that posed the question “Is there such thing as a skinny fetish?” and from the responses I got I think that we can say that there is, without question. I obviously can’t speak for everyone when I say this, but I think for me there is just something attractive about seeing a skinny girl and getting a glimpse of her bone structure. I’m not one of the more hardcore fetishists that’s into anorexic type girls or that gets off on any type of eating disorders but I think there is a very artistic quality in some of the pics and videos that feature girls that are much skinnier than your typical girl.

I know from talking to several people on this topic that many guys (and girls) seem to have specific areas of the body that really turn them on. Some enjoy seeing girls with really bony hipbones. Others really love it when they can see a nice defined set of ribs on a woman and I often get requests of girls that are posed bending over backwards just so they can see girls with ribs sticking out a bit more. I like those as well, but for some reason I’m really attracted to skinny legs. That’s why this pic really caught my eye. The girl is exceptionally beautiful, with that pale skin, light eyes and dark hair. Even if she had a relatively normal figure I’d still think she was extremely attractive. But as soon as I caught a glimpse of those scrawny little legs of hers I had to make a post about it. Watching her hike that short skirt up just to the point where you can’t see anything is highly erotic. However, I will say that even though I love My Precious Virgins they really ruined this pic with the fucking watermark! Those basturds!


Does blonde pussy really have more fun?

Everyone is familiar with the saying that “Blondes have more fun” but what about blonde pussy? Does blonde pussy get to live the good life while brunette pussy and redhead pussy sit on the sidelines all sad faced and watch? I don’t think I’m qualified to answer that question, but I can tell you what one expert in the field thinks (my dick) and he says that this blonde pussy sure looks like it’s enjoying itself.

They don’t call this slutty little teen Sasha Blonde for nothing. If you aren’t convinced by the hair than check out that hairy pussy and any skeptic should convinced. This hotty is ultra sexy and ultra tempting as she flosses her vagina with whatever that pink thing is? Wait, you’re not turned on by vagina flossing? Fucking weirdo’s… No worries, there’s plenty more of this deliciously skinny girl in this gallery. Oh, I almost forgot since it had to be pointed out that I always forget about the hipbones. This girl does indeed have a wonderful set of hipbones, lol. Enjoy!


Petite teen with a hairy pussy

I don’t show enough videos of skinny girls sometimes, so I have to remind myself to add them every so often. It’s not hard to do when you come across a set of videos like this. Say hello to Arianna. She is one of the lovely young girls down at and I think she’ll fit in great here at our little skinny girls paradise. She has a wonderful petite body and I’m sure many of you will notice those beautiful skinny ribs on her.


Look at that waistline gentlemen! I don’t think you could find a more perfectly flat stomach than that. This girl is the definition of what you would call a petite teen. What a gorgeous little body. And I’ve probably said it at least a million times by now but I’m still a sucker for pale skinned brunettes. I don’t know what it is, they just make me fucking hot!


This is a fantastic set of videos. Watching this nubile teen laying on her back in bed with her hairy pussy spread open for you should make you want to blow your load right now. I just want to rub my hands all over her tiny boobs and slide them down over her rib bones and hip bones until I press my hand on that hairy mound and slip my fingers into that warm, wet pussy of hers.


White cotton panties… Yummy!!!

If you’re not popping a huge erection right now than you are either gay or you have a pussy. This sexy photo of Ivana has my blood pressure rising since she has stumbled onto two of my big fetishes. A fine ass skinny young girl and a sexy pair of white cotton panties. What a smokin’ ass body on this girl! As Borat would say “Wow woo wi wow!”, or whatever the hell he says, lol.


This beautiful young thing is looking devastating in this pose and it brings to light exactly why she is such a popular girl. That petite, thin body of hers is fit and sleek. I bet you there isn’t a single millimeter of flab on it. She has a figure of a goddess with perfect definition and subtle curves . As far as tiny boobs go, they just don’t get any better than this. Those things are absolutely gorgeous and even they they are tiny, they still look firm and have fantastic shape to them. The panties definitely do it for me here but she ain’t half bad naked either ;) This gallery almost made me cum right in my shorts.


Skinny girls in hardcore porn

I’m going to break away from the norm here for this one. Usually I stick to posting softcore stuff or erotic nude but I was reading about Max Hardcore’s obscenity conviction recently and it occurred to me that he often has some of the skinniest girls in the porn industry in his films. Some of you are familiar with Melissa Ashley of course (who has appeared with Max Hardcore) but I’m sure some of the girls appearing in his films are not as well known. Take for example, Little Cinderella… Be forewarned, this site is pretty damn hardcore!

skinny hardcore porn star little cinderella

A couple other girls that have appeared in his film (Layla Rivera and Cloey Adams) For those of you who don’t know, Max Hardcore was recently sentenced to 46 months in prison by a Florida Judge for violating obscenity laws. I’m not going to get into to details or state an opinion on the subject because I’m sure there are plenty of people on both sides of the argument and this site isn’t here to stir up debates. I just found it interesting that he seems to be a fan of skinny girls like some of us. Whether you like Max Hardcore’s  style of porn or not you have to at least agree that he has good taste in skinny women ;)

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