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Call me crazy, but I find it a huge turn on to a see a girl that not only has a teeny, tiny little set boobs, but also her chest is so bony that you can see her ribs sticking out. I love these shots where the girl is bent over backwards and you can really see that birdchest of hers. It helps that this girl is also fine as fuck. Oh, the things I would do to this one…

skinny teen with a bony chest

Heh, I don’t know where you guys are from. But we don’t have girls like this where I live. It’s probably good that we don’t, cause who knows what my perverted ass would do to them :) Some of you lucky bastards have the good fortune of seeing these type of girls on a daily basis. I hate you. And because I hate you I’m gonna add another gallery. Assholes ;)

hot skinny naked girl nude

As you can plainly see, this young tart actually has boobies. Sure they are probably “A’ cups, but they aren’t mosquito bites like her girlfriend other there. I still like em’ and I think a lot of you weirdos do too. That is one smoking hot body she has, I must admit. She has a beautiful figure for such a petite girl. The little pink bobby socks are just what the doctor ordered here. It’s fucking fantasic! We need more girls like this on planet earth. So, If you have any to spare from your community, please send them to 25809 48th pl….Haha! j/k! Well, unless you really do have some in which case send me an email!


Bare Jordan

I must say, ALSSCAN has no shortage of hard-bodied blondes. I believe nothing else quite describes this picture like the words “Hubba Hubba”. Jordan looks like one of those girls you’d see bikini clad on a poster promoting budweiser. Only, shes a little too skinny to be on one of those posters, which is absolutely fine with me!

Hard Body skinny blond Jordan

From head to toe this woman is drop dead gorgeous.  Definitely another top notch model from alsscan. There truly is something unique about a platinum blonde with brown eyes, wouldn’t you agree? She also has a set of perfect, perky little tits and wait till you get a look at the close ups of this girls pussy and ass! She looks so tight I almost came just looking at them! Overall a very nice looking girl and a great addition to our collection of skinny girls.


Whoa Anna!

As if we needed another excuse to visit the wonderful world that is Hegre….enter Anna S. Yet another beautiful addition to their astounding collection of girls. Where do they find them? And more importantly, how do I get a job there? :)

Anna S from Hegre playing on the stairs

No, seriously. Where do they find these girls? Apparently Hegre has stumbled onto a secret world of tall, skinny goddesses. At least they were nice enough to photograph a few of them for us. The selfish basturds!!! It’s bad enough that this girl is probably taller than I am already. But do they have to take the pictures from the bottom of the stairs to make her appear even taller and lankier? Her body really reminds me on Alya’s. Very tall, long and lean. Just like a gorgeous erotic supermodel should look! Thumbs up again Mr. Hegre! Wait! that’s not my thumb!


If it’s too loud, you’re too old

As if we needed another reason to check out Hegre, Alya defines for us the meaning of “stunning beauty”. Once again the photographers at Hegre have managed to knock me on my ass, legs flailing and all. And I assure you it’s not the deep bass tones coming out that speaker either. Alya shows us that she is not just a piece of ass. She is a work of art.

skinny hegre alya on a speaker

Even the word perfection comes to mind when viewing these pics. Do yourself a favor and check out the set of this gorgeous teen model. The tight leopard skin top and panties do wonders for showing off that unique slender figure of hers. And those golden high heels don’t hurt either :) Oh, and did I mention that ass? Must have slipped my mind. Oh well, no point in trying to describe it, here it is.

Hegre’s Alya - beautiful  ass and long skinny legs

It’s hard to come up with a choice set of words for this image. My primal instincts kick in and the only words that come to mind are “Hubba, Hubba!”. If you aren’t thinking the exact same thing as me when looking at this pic than you need to go get your temperature checked to make sure you still have warm blood in your body. This is probably the closest any of us will get to seeing a supermodel nude. Alya is definitely a supermodel in my eyes.


Welcome to the Tower of Pleasure. Going down?

As if girls like this needed an excuse to look taller, this lanky young blonde has the high heels on. What better way to accentuate those long, skinny legs of hers. Nothing sexier than a nice pair of long sexy legs, panties and a set of heels. Throw in some stockings and you’re good to go!

Tall, sexy young blonde with long, lanky legs

Damn! this sexy young waif is exactly what the doctor ordered! Great body (in great shape too) and gotta love that long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Makes me miss my days back in Amsterdam, land of the tall, blond haired, blue eyed goddesses. Yeah, there’s some other interesting stuff there too :) But even if those other recreational activities don’t interest you, trust me, it’s worth going just to see the women. Until then, you can always check out this hottie teen and her friends over at In Focus Girls. It’s almost just as good and they have plenty of beautiful waifs just like this one.

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